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We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Personal or Business Cheque
    (monthly rent only - Not accepted for deposits)
  2. Cash
    (make sure to get a receipt signed by a company representative ⁄ staff)
  3. Bank Draft
    (also suitable for deposits)
  4. On-Line ⁄ Internet Email Money Transfer
    (advise office of this ⁄ provide password)
  5. Interac e-Transfer
    Interac e-Transfer
  6. On-Line Banking ⁄ Payee
    (coming soon - pay rent & deposits like you pay other bills online)
  7. VISA or MASTERCARD (via Square)
    *For Rental Arrears, Outgoing or General Damage or Fee-For-Services Only. Subject to additional swipe-fee by credit card processor - please contact our office for details.
    Credit Card through Square

NOTE: Rental Payments are Due the 1st of every Month, regardless of day of week, or Holiday. Providing rent in advance will keep your account in good standing.

Cheques, Money Orders & Payments

For Rentals: Make Payable to WINK PROPERTY INVESTMENT
For Real Estate Sales: Make Payable to WINK PROPERTIES & REALTY INC.
Always get a receipt for cash payments or transactions.