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For smells coming from any drains

Sinks and floor drains usually have what are called traps, which maintain water in them when they are used. This prevents sewer gas from seeping back through the fixture.

Occasionally, these traps dry up, and just require some water, lemon soap or detergent poured down them. The traps are re-filled and the gas stops seeping into the air. This is usually found when people are away on vacation, not fully moved into a unit or are not using sinks for an extended period of time.

Sensitive to Noise

Living within a community means exposure to noises, creeks, groans, doors opening and closing, traffic etc…If you are sensitive to noise, here are a few effective recommendations we employ and will definately help you get a good nights rest.

  1. Put a small plug-in fan in your bedroom and put on while you sleep- this creates what is called White noise and will filter out the majority of noises while creating a peaceful background.
  2. Sound Therapy Machine - Similar to the fan above, it is a small plug-in device which creates various noises (ie: waterfall, rain, wind, ocean) while you sleep. Some offer on/off times and a nightlight feature. The model we have tried is available at Shopper's Drug Mart and is made by con-air.
  3. Disposable Ear Plugs - basic but effective.

Keys sticking in locks

Spray some WD-40 (available at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware stores) into the key slots…it makes a big difference.